Aims of World Kitchen in Leith

Friendship through food and fun – a unique intercultural collaboration

It’s not just fun. World Kitchen in Leith aims to bring together people from different cultures. We believe that cooking and eating together can increase understanding as we share ideas, experience and traditions.

What does World Kitchen in Leith aim to do?

  • explore, promote and share food of different cultures
  • invite the wider community to take part in cooking and food-tasting events
  • create a space for people to enjoy cooking and eating together.

Who is it for?

World Kitchen in Leith is for people of all ages from all communities of Leith – men and women, young and not-so-young. Come and join us. If you like to leave your name and contact details in the box on this page we will be delighted to hear from you.

6 thoughts on “Aims of World Kitchen in Leith”

  1. Hi, i just moved here from Ireland and would be really interested in getting involved in this project. Any further info would be great. Thanks, Ger

  2. Hi Ger

    good to hear from you, we are currently exploring potential for organising collaborative events with other charities or community enterprises in the Leith area so I can keep you informed about plans and let you know when we hold our next meeting – you would be very welcome to join us.

    Meanwhile, if you are on Facebook feel free to join the Leith Open Space page where we post news about World Kitchen and other activities in the Leith area.

    best wishes

    Leith Open Space co-ordinator and founder member of World Kitchen team

  3. We are setting up a street food festival by Ocean Terminal, running from th 12th to the 21st August. It could be really exciting to include some stalls from the World Kitchen in Leith.

    This is something of a pop-up festival and is aimed at bringing good, wholesome food to the masses, but is far more earthy than the recent Taste of Edinburgh event run in the meadows. The vision is to run this festival in Leith and if successful take it to other destinations across Scotland and the UK.

    If this is something which might interest you then give me a call on 07789 870905.
    Kind regards,

  4. hi,

    i’d be interested in being involved in world kitchen and was wondering what it involved/the time commitment etc.?



  5. Hello!

    I live in student halls on Leith walk and would love for a group of us students to collaborate/ get involved with the world kitchen sometime soon. Would that be possible and if so, what are possible options?


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