World Kitchen cooks up a storm

worldkitchenIf you can’t stand the heat: a rare chance to draw breath in the World Kitchen

It didn’t just rain, it absolutely poured. Recipes and posters got washed away as the deluge battered our poor gazebos.  But cooks just kept on cooking which was just as well because as soon as the rain stopped people came looking for food.  Crowds of them. We might have hoped for better weather but we couldn’t have asked for a better beginning for the World Kitchen than the Gala Day in Leith Links on Saturday (13 June). Continue reading “World Kitchen cooks up a storm”

Come to the World Kitchen in Leith

Calling all cooks.  Here’s your invitation to take part in a unique community event during Leith Festival.  World Kitchen in Leith is based on the simple idea that food is the best way to bring people together so we can celebrate the many different cultures that make Leith the most vibrant part of Scotland’s capital city. [See also World Kitchen Cooks up a Storm] Continue reading “Come to the World Kitchen in Leith”