Thank you for caring

The day starts with some tough questions. Who should care?  Does caring begin and end in the family?  How much support should the state give? And what exactly is a carer anyway?  Such questions do the rounds as women join the circle of discussion on a sunny spring morning in Pilmeny Youth Centre. Then someone hits the nail on the head: most women do not see themselves as ‘carers’ at all so they never think of asking for help. Continue reading “Thank you for caring”

Spring comes to Persevere too


Last year’s harvest at Persevere: time to plant this year’s crop.

It really must be spring. Ally Tibbitt of Greener Leith reminds us there is a spring clean at Persevere Community Garden too on Saturday 21st March. There’s a pond to dig, topsoil to spread, weeds to pull and (almost certainly) some rubbish  to tidy up. The  garden is open from 11 am until early afternoon.  And the more who can come to help, the merrier! Continue reading “Spring comes to Persevere too”

The poetry and prose of caring: a tribute to women

They let life go and they get life going,
they live to give love and they love to let live.

Finding the right words is not always easy.   For many women caring is such a natural part of daily life they do not stop to put what they are doing into words.  We went to the Scottish Poetry Library for inspiration.

Among shelves and shelves of books, there are poems by women from all over the world and we will display at least a few of them at the Leith Open Space event for women, Who Cares for the Carers on Saturday 14 March.  Continue reading “The poetry and prose of caring: a tribute to women”

Real life drama in Leith: come and play a part


Can art change society? Here’s news of an exciting new community theatre project in Leith which aims to get people asking questions about the world around us. And maybe come up with some answers about how to change it. No theatre experience needed.  Just turn up and get involved on Saturday 14 March in St James Hall, 12 St John’s Place. Continue reading “Real life drama in Leith: come and play a part”

Weekend for women


Spring in the air for International Women’s Day

There’s belly dancing in the east and drumming in the north. In fact there’s art, music, dance and food happening in halls and community centres all over town as women gather to celebrate International Women’s Day this weekend.  For women in Leith the place to be on Saturday is The Halls in Henderson Street and Dr Bells Family Centre in Junction Place. Continue reading “Weekend for women”

What a load of rubbish


Sadly there’s no truth in the myth that Inuits have 87 words for snow (according to yesterday’s radio there are just as many English words for the white stuff) but who has more words for rubbish? On Saturday while snow covered much of the UK, the sun shone on volunteers picking litter out of Pilrig Park.  That’s litter, rubbish, trash, garbage, junk, detritus, gubbins, yuk…you name it,  Greener Leith volunteers found it. And filled 48 bags full of it. Continue reading “What a load of rubbish”

Best foot forward to a new year in Leith


Fortune-telling in shoes: The Shape of Things to Come was one of our best read stories last year.

In Homecoming year Leith Open Space will report more stories of  remarkable new and old Leithers. But first news of our multicultural discussion event for women who care in March,  a campaign to get women into politics and  a fascinating glimpse of Scottish politics from Opening Doors ‘shadow’ Francis Kahembwe.  Then treat yourself to a quick world tour without leaving Leith,  travel back in time to the Lost World, and pick up a free book on the way.

Who cares for the carers?

Maggie Havergal at an Open Space coffee break
Maggie Havergal, Open Space facilitator, takes a break at our last discussion event

A  new Open Space discussion event is planned for Saturday 14 March when we warmly invite women of all ages from all communities in our area to talk about their experience of caring for all kinds of needs.  Please join us at Pilmeny Youth Centre for a day which aims to turn words into actions to support women who care. Continue reading “Who cares for the carers?”