St Andrews with a Swietlica swing

Grassroots at Redbraes during Edinburgh Festival 2008 On a stormy winter night it’s great to get a blast of summer. The picture shows the fantastic Grassroots Theatre Company when they visited Redbraes community garden in warmer weather. Now they are back for another tour of Scotland with what sounds like perfect timing for the St … Continue reading “St Andrews with a Swietlica swing”

Around the world without leaving Leith

While we are looking forward to an eventful new year we couldn’t resist taking a look back. During 2008 we travelled far and wide, visiting parts of Africa, China, India, Pakistan and Poland. All without moving out of Leith and North Edinburgh. To celebrate the most vibrant and exciting part of the capital city here … Continue reading “Around the world without leaving Leith”

The shape of things to come

Callum McLeod (on the left) tries his luck at Polish St Andrews night. What does the future hold? Who will I marry? Will I be rich? No-one really claimed to know the answers but people of all ages had a lot of fun looking to the future through old traditions at a Polish celebration of … Continue reading “The shape of things to come”

A warm welcome in the community centre

At 5pm on Monday night it’s already dark outside but inside the community centre it is warm and welcoming. There are cups of tea and plates loaded with cakes. Children play, mothers chat. Conversations alternate between two languages and I soon discover that while some people come here to improve their English others drop in … Continue reading “A warm welcome in the community centre”