Buried treasure unearthed in the garden


Harvest time in Persevere Community Garden

The sun was shining through the window and there was a pot of tea on the go. To be honest, I could have been tempted to stay at home last Saturday but I am very glad I didn’t. The open day at Persevere Community Garden was a great way to spend a day off. There was hot soup, a blazing bonfire, great company and to our amazement, there was a good crop of potatoes growing beneath the weeds in our plot. Hard to believe that just six months ago this ground was so hard we had to use a pick axe to get into it. Continue reading “Buried treasure unearthed in the garden”

Return of the soul


“This isn’t political, it’s humanitarian.” Jane Frere.

Each one is different. You can’t be sure of course, it would take a long time to study each of the 3,000 figures suspended from the ceiling of Patriothall Gallery. But although it’s the mass of humanity that you notice when you first walk into the gallery, I think it is the individuality of each small figure that makes Return of the Soul so very moving. Continue reading “Return of the soul”

Leith: twinned with Havana?

Fay Young from Leith Open Space Group went looking for a new community garden in deepest Leith: this is what she found…

It took me a while to find the right place tucked away between high rise flats. By the time I got there the rest of the team were inside having coffee and my blurry mobile picture shows a community garden without people. Even so, the sun was slanting between high walls and if you squint you can imagine what it might be like once fruit trees are showering the ground with blossom. Continue reading “Leith: twinned with Havana?”