For rights, responsibilities and rewards: Gordon Munro

The most important issue is poverty. We have 42,100 people in work in poverty in this city. We have pensioner poverty, we have fuel poverty, we have nurses using food banks and 21% of all children in this city are growing up in poverty.

Gordon Munro, Scottish Labour candidate for Edinburgh North and Leith, outlines his priorities for tackling inequality – and pays tribute to Joe Strummer – as he answers Leith Open Space #onlinehustings: five questions for our five candidates. Continue reading “For rights, responsibilities and rewards: Gordon Munro”

Politics, homelessness and scuba diving: Iain McGill

I thought to myself if I’m so hacked off about the decisions they make affecting people’s lives, it might be easier and more productive to kick them out and become the MP myself…

Iain McGill, Scottish Conservative candidate for Edinburgh North and Leith explains why he’s standing for election on 8 June. Welcome to Leith Open Space #onlinehustings: five questions for five candidates.  Continue reading “Politics, homelessness and scuba diving: Iain McGill”

Five open questions for Edinburgh North and Leith candidates

Dear Deidre Brock, Gordon Munro, Iain McGill, Lorna Slater and Martin Veart. We would be delighted if you would take part in our friendly online local hustings. Continue reading “Five open questions for Edinburgh North and Leith candidates”

Welcome to Leith: how to create a sense of belonging?

We want to break down stereotypes and challenge prejudices.  We want a society that welcomes difference and diversity Multicultural Family Base

Picture the scene: children laughing with pleasure as they learn how to canoe; adults smiling and chatting round a cafe table. To the onlooker there may seem nothing unusual in such simple social pleasures. But let’s take a closer look at the latest stories on the Wall of Success.  Continue reading “Welcome to Leith: how to create a sense of belonging?”

A Community Manifesto: can we shift the balance of power in Leith?

A new way of working is in the air.  That’s the bold, cheering and challenging statement at the start of the Community Manifesto which has emerged from a series of community discussion events in Leith and north Edinburgh. Can we turn words into actions? Continue reading “A Community Manifesto: can we shift the balance of power in Leith?”

Feeding community spirit in Leith

These are women who have volunteered their lives away, now they are finding that skills they take for granted could actually be used to get a job. Trishna Singh, Sikh Sanjog

Food features in many of the stories on the Wall of Success. But this week we pay tribute to two local enterprises that combine home cooking with great community spirit – and more than a pinch of entrepreneurial spice. Welcome to Punjabi Junction and the World Kitchen in Leith. Continue reading “Feeding community spirit in Leith”

A plate full of memories

Alice had never eaten lamb before she came to Scotland. In the eastern highlands of Zimbabwe she had grown up learning that it was a forbidden food, ‘I think it comes down to the ‘lamb of God’’ she says, ‘But then in Scotland everyone around me was eating lamb… and I ended up eating it too!’

Continue reading “A plate full of memories”

Childcare: investing in our future

Each child will be actively encouraged to become a confident individual, successful learner, effective contributor and responsible citizen. North Edinburgh Childcare

‘Please don’t make childcare an afterthought.’ The heartfelt message from Theresa Allison is clear and simple. Good quality childcare is an investment in the next generation – or to put it another way, in the future of Scotland. ‘It’s much more than babysitting.’

Continue reading “Childcare: investing in our future”

Dads Rock five years old – and counting

Dads are vital to helping our kids get the best start in life. One of our main priorities for 2017 is supporting more young dads.

Dads Rock turns five this week and, like all parents, the three founding fathers can’t quite believe it. As they prepare for a quiet celebration – there will be birthday cake – they have eyes firmly fixed on the next five years. Continue reading “Dads Rock five years old – and counting”

Active Inquiry, LeithLate open eyes and minds: Wall of Success

It’s one of the transforming powers of art that it can help change the way we see familiar things, not least the places where we live. Joyce MacMillan

Leith is home to many artists.  This week the Wall of Success celebrates the remarkable achievements of two creative pioneers. In different ways their work transforms the place that helps to inspire them   – while LeithLate brings art into streets and cafes, Active Inquiry turns real life into activist theatre.    Continue reading “Active Inquiry, LeithLate open eyes and minds: Wall of Success”