A cunning plan with tables

Thanks to Helen we have a plan.  A table plan, that is, for the World Kitchen in Leith event at Out of the Blue next week (see last post).  More to the point we also have a menu which makes us hungry just to think of it – with food you won’t usually find in a restaurant. But back for a moment to that plan because we’re learning fast that there is much more to running a restaurant than writing the menu! Continue reading “A cunning plan with tables”

Out of the Blue: Your invitation to the World Kitchen in Leith

Here’s your  invitation to the World Kitchen in Leith at Out of the Blue Drill Hall Arts Cafe on Thursday 5 August.  You can book through us or buy tickets direct from Out of the Blue. Tables are going fast but there are still some left for later sittings.  More stories about the World Kitchen cooks to follow…

Turning a new Facebook page

Phew!  It took two attempts and then a bit more trial and error but Leith Open Space finally has a Facebook Page – with thanks to Dougal Perman and Anny Deery for support and guidance, Ally Tibbitt of Greener Leith for setting a great example, and to the good friends who are already joining the page.  Looks like it is going to be a very good way to spread the word about our new adventures in catering and drama… Continue reading “Turning a new Facebook page”

Friday feast in the World Cafe

Market stall in Tanzania (picture by Yvonne Baginsky)

Wondering where to go and what to eat on Friday night?  How about African lamb with spinach, mixed vegetable curry, rice with coconut and beans…finished with a fresh fruit salad of  mangos, watermelon, guavas and pineapple.  Welcome to the monthly World Cafe at North Edinburgh Arts Centre. Continue reading “Friday feast in the World Cafe”

All the world’s a kitchen (in Leith)

Holidays are great but they can get in the way of a good story. A tantalising text from Alice brings news of the world cafe event on Friday.  Unfortunately the cafe is in North Edinburgh Arts Centre and we (or at least some of the Leith Open Space Group) are in Amsterdam. Continue reading “All the world’s a kitchen (in Leith)”

Lights, action, mushrooms

The aim, inspired by the World Kitchen in Leith, is to celebrate  good home cooking from many cultures.

Here is fresh and spicy food to revive your appetite after Christmas and New Year.  In our first World Kitchen film, Mridu Thanki welcomes us into her kitchen to show us how to cook mushrooms in cream with red peppers and fresh green coriander.  It’s delicious, doesn’t cost much, takes only a few minutes to prepare and cook – and you can probably get all or most of the ingredients at the corner shop. (See below for the recipe). Continue reading “Lights, action, mushrooms”

Feasts of India in Mridu’s kitchen


Now click here to enjoy the film

We are in the kitchen with Mridu Thanki to taste a meal from her first cookery book, Feasts of India.  On a cold Edinburgh day there are tantalising warm spicy smells coming from the pan and we are getting hungry.  But it isn’t time to eat yet.  While Mridu lines up red peppers, green coriander and creamy button mushrooms we are trying to capture the moment on film  – hoping tummies do not rumble above the sound of sizzling onions, cumin and chillies. Continue reading “Feasts of India in Mridu’s kitchen”

Thank you, thank you, thank you

wk_teamDamp but undaunted: some of the World Kitchen team.  From the left Jo, Pip, Balvinder, Fay, Mridu and Gordon.

We begged and borrowed and though we certainly didn’t steal we owe thanks to many friends and helpers for all your support – in cash, kind, cakes and cooking of all sorts – which made the World Kitchen in Leith such a great success despite the terrible weather on Gala Day.  It’s a long list so let’s get going, here are our heartfelt thanks to… Continue reading “Thank you, thank you, thank you”

World Kitchen cooks up a storm

worldkitchenIf you can’t stand the heat: a rare chance to draw breath in the World Kitchen

It didn’t just rain, it absolutely poured. Recipes and posters got washed away as the deluge battered our poor gazebos.  But cooks just kept on cooking which was just as well because as soon as the rain stopped people came looking for food.  Crowds of them. We might have hoped for better weather but we couldn’t have asked for a better beginning for the World Kitchen than the Gala Day in Leith Links on Saturday (13 June). Continue reading “World Kitchen cooks up a storm”