Out of the shadows

“Any positive contact people have with ethnic groups will help…”

Subash Punn, a community worker currently shadowing Mark Lazarowicz MP, was featured in a positive report in the Evening News about the Opening Doors shadow scheme. “Ethnic Minorities stepping out of the shadows in political link up? 19 October.

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Mark Lazarowicz MP with his two ‘shadows’ Subash Punn and Kasia Raszewska
at the launch of Opening Doors on 5 October

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Opening Doors

Welcome to a pioneering project which begins here in Leith but – with luck – will spread much further.

Leith Open Space Group is launching this new community website with news of the Opening Doors shadow scheme. Our aim is to encourage greater ethnic minority representation in both local and national government. But at the same time the scheme will also enable our politicians to gain new insight into the communities they represent.

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Welcoming pioneers at New Kirkgate Centre on 5 October

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Making History in Leith

Who makes history? The answer according to Shawn Micallef is that we all do. And history can happen on a park bench, in a shop doorway or by a post box in Leith.

Shawn is creative director of [murmur] an innovative Canadian arts company who have come to Leith for their first project outside Canada and the US. With the help of funding by New Media Scotland, [murmur] will make local history come to life by recording the memories and stories of local people and communities living in Leith. But first [murmur] needs to hear from you.
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murmur at work in Toronto: www.livewithculture.ca

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