Art for art’s sake: Forrest fundraising auction

Saturday’s art auction in Leith gallery AXO is the latest step in The Forrest artists’ collective’s energetic campaign to raise £50,000 by the end of May.  “Ambitious,” says the Save the Forrest website, “but definitely achievable”. Continue reading “Art for art’s sake: Forrest fundraising auction”

Power to the People – an Action Plan for Leith

So, is Leith ready for the Big Society? Even as we speak, the very active Leith community theatre group, ACTive Inquiry, is working with local people to explore how communities can improve life in their neighbourhood.  Then they aim to turn drama into real life.

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Taking action against violence

What is violence? Young people from ethnic minority communities in Leith are being invited to join a thought-provoking project which will turn real life experience of violence into a new Forum Theatre production with ACTive Inquiry.  The project is run jointly by Shakti and NHS Lothian. Now over to Lisa Rigby at Shakti who explains the aims of this creative new community research…

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Power to the People?

Anyone for the Big Society?  Power to the People? invites you to get involved. Just like Alice, a long-term resident of Hillstone, who is inspired by the new Hillstone Empowerment Project to make some positive changes in her community. Will her enthusiasm be enough to get other people on board and to challenge the agenda of those with power? Find out on Sunday…

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Is Leith ready to join the big society?

If we are all to become part of The Big Society should we decide what power and responsibility we want? Should we empower ourselves to say how we want to be empowered?!

One good question always leads to another.  Power to the People? The latest theatre project from ACTive Inquiry invites you to bring your stories, thoughts and ideas to a drama workshop on Saturday 30th October at Pilmeny Youth Centre exploring the meaning of power and empowerment.

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Opening books not burning them: Edinburgh’s first Urdu literary week

In the end there was no Quran-burning but with the so-called clash of civilisations still rumbling around the world news, this is a good time to explore the great riches of Urdu literature. Edinburgh’s first International Urdu Literary Week begins on Friday 17th September with a round table conference in St Mary’s Church and continues over the weekend in McDonald Road Library.  Whatever you do, don’t miss the Mushaira on Saturday. Continue reading “Opening books not burning them: Edinburgh’s first Urdu literary week”

Louder than words: actions of the News Group

Confrontation – how the media simplifies a complex story [pictures by George Lamb]

Every now and then a surprised face peered through the window: this was not business as usual in the Scottish Parliament, not even during the Festival of Politics.  For once the emphasis was on actions rather than words.  And actions can speak volumes. Continue reading “Louder than words: actions of the News Group”

Stage struck at Redbraes, Parklife in Montgomery Street, DIY pop in Pilrig Church

Grassroots at Redbraes two years ago, this year they have a stage

Is this the fringe of the Fringe, or the fringe of the fringe of the Fringe?  As the big circus moves out of town this weekend there’s an eruption of music, poetry, fancy dress and food (in no particular order)  in streets and gardens all around our part of town.

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A garden guerilla in the Botanics

Spotted in The Poetry Garden last year: Gordon is the one in the stripey jumper.

Perhaps guerilla isn’t quite the right word.  But the ‘geopoetic’ poet Gordon Peters might just encourage his audience to explore the possibilities of guerilla gardening during his Allotted Span at the Botanics tomorrow (2.30pm Wednesday 25th August).  As Gordon explains in an email… Continue reading “A garden guerilla in the Botanics”

Light, heat and the Alhambra: a view from McDonald Road Library

Meet a man of parts.  Sunday’s lecture in McDonald Road Library is by an academic combining a remarkable cluster of interests and talents.  Tariq Muneer – poet and Professor of Energy Engineering at Edinburgh Napier University – will present Tales of Alhambra and Moorish Spain from 2-4pm on Sunday 18th July.

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