A Community Manifesto: can we shift the balance of power in Leith?

A new way of working is in the air.  That’s the bold, cheering and challenging statement at the start of the Community Manifesto which has emerged from a series of community discussion events in Leith and north Edinburgh. Can we turn words into actions?

Blue sky thinking? Let’s write a bold community manifesto

Let’s invest in more affordable housing, a sustainable local economy, better care for young and old, better use of public space….these were among top issues at our Open Space event in December. Let’s turn them into a community manifesto for the Scottish Parliament elections in May.

Let’s write a community manifesto

More power for local communities. That was a strong theme of our Open Space meeting in December 2015. Now we hope together we can turn words into a Community Manifesto for Edinburgh Northern and Leith in the Scottish Parliament elections in May. Please join our community discussion event on Saturday (2 April) in Newhaven Church … Continue reading “Let’s write a community manifesto”

Five priorities for community action

Could community co-ops help to solve local housing and childcare shortages? These were two of the most radical proposals to emerge from a Community Manifesto meeting for Edinburgh Northern and Leith. Other priorities included zero waste strategies for the local economy, an empty space audit and devolving more resources to community level.

Childcare: investing in our future

Each child will be actively encouraged to become a confident individual, successful learner, effective contributor and responsible citizen. North Edinburgh Childcare ‘Please don’t make childcare an afterthought.’ The heartfelt message from Theresa Allison is clear and simple. Good quality childcare is an investment in the next generation – or to put it another way, in the future … Continue reading “Childcare: investing in our future”

Housing and energy: Wall of Success

‘If you are homeless there is no such thing as social mobility’ Josh Littlejohn We lay the foundations of the ‘Wall of Success’ by reporting local achievements and aspirations in housing and energy. Meet Port of Leith Housing Association and Home Energy Scotland. But first, let’s set the scene with inspiration from an ambitious social … Continue reading “Housing and energy: Wall of Success”


Welcome to Leith Open Space website, hosted by Leith Open Space Group, organisers of multicultural discussion events in Leith and founding members of the World Kitchen in Leith. We formed in 2005 in the aftermath of the London bombings. Our first Open Space discussion event invited local people from a wide range of ethnic minority … Continue reading “Welcome”

There’s a bucketful of work to be done: Deidre Brock

My daughters were and are a big influence – I want them to inherit a better world and a better country and I want young people to have every chance to enjoy life and do amazing things. Deidre Brock, Scottish National Party candidate for Edinburgh North and Leith, highlights austerity, foodbanks, immigration and investing in young and … Continue reading “There’s a bucketful of work to be done: Deidre Brock”